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Family Law Forms

Family Law Forms for Saint John and Moncton (only)


On March 1, 2021 changes to the federal Divorce Act took effect. The New Brunswick Family Law Act also came into force on March 1, 2021.

The terminology used by the courts in family law matters was required by law to change as of that date. The terms “custody” and “access” have been replaced by terms such as “parenting time” and “decision-making responsibility”, which can be set out in a “Parenting Plan” or in a “Parenting Order”. Other changes have been introduced to deal with change of residence/relocation of parties to a custody/access order; establishment of contact orders, to allow non spouses and non parents to apply for access; new duties for the parties and their lawyers; and the recognition of foreign divorce orders.

Some of the New Brunswick Forms of Court have changed as a result of these changes to the law. For an overview of which forms have changed, and a link to access them via the GNB Department of Justice and Public Satefy website, please see this announcement.

All new family law proceedings must now be filed using the amended forms. The forms currently on the PLEIS-NB website are not yet updated but will be available soon.

PLEIS-NB has published a guide to help explain the changes to the legislation. This new booklet replaces the previous PLEIS-NB publication titled “Custody and Access in New Brunswick” that explained the law and rules with the terminology under former versions of the Divorce Act and the former New Brunswick Family Services Act. The Family Law NB website also has a terminology chart which explains the new terms.

You are encouraged to visit the PLEIS-NB Family Law Website or contact the PLEIS-NB toll-free Family Law Information Line at 1-888-236-2444, particularly if you are representing yourself on your private family law proceeding or on your divorce. If you live in Saint John or Moncton, you are encouraged to contact the Family Law Information Centre (“FLIC”) located in the Courthouse. Saint John: (506)658-6361, Moncton: (506) 856-3131.

If you live in the Saint John region (which includes the Counties of Charlotte, Kings and Saint John) or the Moncton Region (which includes the Counties of Albert, Westmorland and Kent) CLICK HERE for information on forms.

As part of a pilot project to improve access to the family justice system, the Department of Justice and Consumer Affairs introduced some changes in the family court in Saint John and Moncton.  These changes came into effect in September 2010 and they include many new family law forms for use in Saint John and Moncton family cases. 

Court Services is working collaboratively with Public Legal Education and Information Service of NB to make these new forms available on-line in annotated and fillable formats.  For now, if you live in the judicial district of Saint John or Moncton, please get your family law forms from the Clerk’s Office or the Family Law Information Centre (FLIC) which is located at the Saint John and Moncton court house.  Below is a list of the forms required for actions in Saint John and in Moncton.  Check back often as these forms will be annotated and fillable in the near future.

Saint John Family Division List of Forms

Form 81A – Application (bilingual form)
Form 81B – Affidavit in Support of Claim for Custody or Access
Form 81C – Answer
Form 81D – Reply
Form 81F – Motion to Change
Form 81G – Change Information Form
Form 81H – Response to Motion to Change
Form 81I – Consent Motion to Change
Form 81J – Consent Motion to Change Child Support
Form 81K – Certificate of Solicitor
Form 81L – Notice of Motion for Leave to Appeal

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