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Family Law Workshops


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  • Partners

    The delivery of these family law workshops across the province would not be possible without the volunteer participation of members of the family law bar and the Pro Bono Law Student Programs at University of New Brunswick and Université de Moncton. As well, we attribute our success to the support of the Law Society of New Brunswick, the Canadian Bar Association - NB Branch, and Court Services Branch, New Brunswick Department of Justice.

PLEIS-NB wishes to acknowledge the Campbellton Rotary Club and the Miramichi Rotary Club for their financial contribution in the delivery of the Family Law Workshops in their area.

Their valuable support contributes to the success of this project.


  • Venues
Bathurst Smurfit-Stone Public Library  
Campbellton Campbellton Centennial Library  
Edmundston CCNB Edmundston  
Fredericton UNB Law School  
Grand Falls Madawaska/Victoria Family Resource Center  
Miramichi NBCC Miramichi  
Moncton Moncton Public Library  
Oromocto Gagetown Military Family Resource Centre  
Saint John Saint John Free Public Library  
St. Stephen

St. Croix Public Library

Milltown Elementary


Tracadie-Sheila Tracadie-Sheila Public Library  
Woodstock NBCC Woodstock  


  • Host Agencies

    We are pleased to recognize the support of the following host agencies and community groups who are contributing to the success of the family law workshops in their communities:

    • Bathurst - Family Violence Prevention Network 
    • Campbellton - Maison Notre Dame House Inc. 
    • Edmundston - Family Violence Prevention Network 
    • Fredericton - Pro Bono Law Students
    • Grand Falls - Family Violence Prevention Network
    • Miramichi - Family Violence Prevention Network
    • Moncton - Pro Bono Law Students; Coalition Against Abuse in Relationships, Inc. 
    • Oromocto - Gagetown Military Family Resource Centre 
    • Saint John - Saint John Free Public Library
    • St. Stephen - Charlotte County Abuse Prevention Network
    • Tracadie-Sheila - Services à la Famille de la Péninsule
    • Woodstock - Pro Bono Law Students


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